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Friday Morning Coffee Group

A few members of Faith have started a weekly Coffee Group supporting one of Faith's aims - Outreach - being involved within our own community. So come out Friday mornings at 10:30 for some fellowship to the LUNCH BOX CAFE (on Nipissing Road at Thompson) .. it is run by Milton's Community Living.

October 2014 Gathering

Sept Gathering

Celebrating Birthdays

On Friday, May 30, the Faith Coffee Group celebrated Gretchen's birthday with a beautiful strawberry shortcake!

May 2014 birthday party!

Fall 2013 / Winter 2014

BELOW: Mid-winter coffee on Jan. 31 – Mike and Sheila were back in town for a quick visit and dropped in to Friday Morning Coffee at the Lunch Box Café before heading back to Florida and some warmer weather! 

(L-R: Harry Doyle, Bob Walker, Sheila McBride, Louise Prevost, Jack White and (seated) Mike McBride)

BELOW: Friday, September 20 – a large group of Faith friends gather at the Lunch Box Cafe on Nipissing Rd.

August 2013

June 2013

May 2013