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Events listed on the calendar are Faith United Milton sponsored or endorsed community events (for example Empty Bowls or Salvation Army Picnic). Any other community events that may be of interest to Faith members will be listed below the calendar or you can visit Milton Area Christian Churches Working Together (MACCWT) site.

Meditative Prayer


Each Wednesday at 2:00 pm with Ann Sault leading. The Meditative Prayer group meets in the games room at Birkdale Retirement Residence, 611 Farmstead Dr, Milton. Sign in at desk and take elevator down to the bottom level. The games room is along the corridor to the left.
We have a thriving meditative prayer group and follow the World Community for Christian Meditation ( guidelines. Each prayer session lasts 45-60 minutes and begins with a short reading from WCCM, followed by 30 minutes of silent or guided meditation. This ancient tradition of prayer is rooted in the Gospels and the early Christian monastic tradition of the desert fathers and mothers. Meditation helps people of all ages and cultures to find a simple, practical and meaningful way to awaken and deepen their spiritual life. If you would like to come out  to see if this is a group you would like to join, please contact Ann Sault at or phone (905) 878-1286.

Choir Notices

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If you are interested in joining the choir please show up at any of the choir rehersals.   We gather at the Masonic Hall, 6321 Regional Road 25 (south of Derry Road, at Louis St. Laurent Ave.)

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