Faith United Milton Cares  


Every Sunday from September through June, Faith United Milton has a worship service on Sunday at 10am. All of these services are planned by the volunteer Faith Worship Team. The team usually includes 5-8 people led by a chairperson.

Current Worship Team of Shirley (Chairperson), Rebecca, David, Lorna and Judy is pictured here to the right.

The Worship Team Chair keeps the team organized, chairs their meetings and books guest speakers for Sunday worship. Speakers are often ordained United Church of Canada ministers, but we also sometimes invite Licensed Lay Worship Leaders, representatives of outreach initiatives Faith is interested in, as well as lay people from the Faith congregation.

Members of the Worship Team take it in turn to serve as worship leaders each Sunday. In media terms – they “produce” the service. In that role, the worship leader coordinates with the guest speaker, invites others to participate in the service, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

These volunteers really enjoy their role and find that their faith and commitment is strengthened in the process – worship leaders truly receive as much (or more) than they give.

If you would like to learn more about Faith’s Worship Team, please go to the CONTACT page and send us an email or leave a voice message. Someone from the team will get back to you quickly to answer your questions.